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    Help!!! Major Cavitation Issues

    Did you find out an answer? I know some Yamaha's take a different mounting height than Mercs, (transom built different) maybe yours was built for a merc?
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    350 Verado trim

    The 54 mph GPS comes from my upgrade to a 350 using the same prop as I had on the 250. Your speed is a lot lower partially because you have so much less pitch to the prop. I ran a 17 enertia on my 250 and it was perfect. I now have a 350 and need to bump up on pitch. My boat may be lighter than...
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    350 Verado trim

    I have mine at 1 hole up, 17 Enertia, 2574 GLI. Digital trim varies 3 or 4 depending on load. Fastest with 2 people is trim at 3, 6600 rpm, 54 mph. I need to add some pitch, but not sure which prop I might want to  try. The Enertia does real well and I tried an 18 in the past but it didn't do much.
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    Playpen cover "dusting"

    On my 2011 2574GLi I have a tan playpen cover. Since new when I remove it there is a dust of fiber particles on everything such as the windshield and seats. You can also see it on the black plastic fittings on the cover. One issue is it is an "itchy" dust if you get it on your tender areas such...
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    Trading My 2011 2575 RCWC for a 2015 RSR

    The Rough Water Package and maybe the HP package add thicker metal for the toons. I think that is worthwhile even if it just gets you more resistance to dents in the toons from docking etc.
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    2375 RCW - Verado 200 Pro - Mounting hole advice

    My 250 Pro on a 2574GLI is mounted on the 2nd hole and works pretty well. I used a 16 enertia and settled on a 17. I think the 16 would be too much for your boat.
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    2275 RCW with ESP and 250 Verado - Prop Help

    I did back to back testing on my 2574GLi ESP with Verado 250 pro using 16, 17, and 18" Enertia's. The 18 only added .5 mph and reduced rpm to 6050 or so, but was noticably lacking in out of the hole pull compared to the 17". Thats what I ended up with, and can run right at 51-52 in optimal...
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    Boat Lift for 2575 RCW with ESP

    ShoreStation has several models for tritoons. I adapted my v bottom lift that my Baja used, I just added a third set of bunks 14' long in the middle for the ESP toon. using the measurements from my trailer. Fits like a glove.
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    Bracket for Starboard Pontoon

    I bought some .090 aluminum from McMaster Carr and made my own. I make it alot smaller because I do not need the jumbo size made for fishing water pumps. If you don't do your own welding anyway, the welder could fab you one easily enough.
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    Boarding/swim ladder

    Here is an updated one on my 2574GLi: Sorry, forgot how I posted that pic, so listed the thread.
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    Indiana's Best Bennington Dealer

    Main Channel Marina, Troy Webb sales and Jeff Galloway service manager have treated me very well. No questions asked results to my needs and requests.
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    ESP Trailer Supports

    Question #2: Yes My 2574GLi fits in an 8' high door with about 2" to spare so you should be good. I did shop trailers and chose one that is the lowest bunk height I could find at about 22" to top of bunk. Some brands were as high as 29" to top of bunk(measured at axle).
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    Cutting dash for flush mount Garmin 431s

    What model Bennington do you have? On my 2574GLi I was able to easily remove the panel and take it to the workbench for better control on fitting it. I used a keyhole saw with a fine blade after drilling some starter holes in the corners. The 431's come with a paper template to work from.
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    Engine Advice, Mercury Verado 250 or Yamaha SHO 250?

    I suspect its because the EFI one is what he had in stock. I am sure Mercury would dispute that the Verado 150 would "not be enough motor but the 150 EFI would work". Of course he did not go wrong going up to a 200, no disappointments there. (or here either, as I started pricing a 115, upgraded...
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    Engine Advice, Mercury Verado 250 or Yamaha SHO 250?

    The dealer didn't charge me any extra to "mount" a Verado vrs any other engine. The Bennington prep package which cost a bit also includes power steering setup which is recommended on any large engine, and the Smartcraft gauges. As far as wiring harness, the Merc engine harness, throttle...