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    The Ninja was successful!

    If that doesn't turn heads on your body of water I don't know what will...... Great looking boat, glad to see people buying the sport towers. If only I waited a bit longer before buying. Enjoy the boat Derrick ( as if there's any chance of you not).
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    Magma Connoisseur series gas grill/Chefs Mate

    I will have to post a pic of our grill, we cook out at our sandbar quite often. I use a 4' piece of 3/4 steel post threaded one end, mounted a 3/4" flange to the bottom of a portable grill and just push the post into the sand and screw on the grill. Works great and keeps all grease splatter away...
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    2274 GL - which engine to order?

    I'm with Todd on this one. I have a 2013 2275 GCW with the 150 Merc, I did not put the power steering on it because of the initial cost and it would be easy to add at any time should you need it. Boat gets harder to steer the faster you go but at slow speeds it steers really easy. I would...
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    Alternative to Perko navigation white globe?

    i have had my new benny home for a couple months even though weather issues have prevented me from getting out much. i did notice the other day that it was full of water. i took the cap off and emtied it but have not tested it yet. is there anything to stop it from getting water in there?
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    2014 Club Bennington Invitational

    This event was a blast last year and a great way to get to know the people from Bennington. the hospitality was amazing and they go out of their way to make it a great event. make your reservation, you will not regret it!!!!!
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    Mooring cover strap

    I also did not know what they were for until reding about them on this forum. My strap was located in the helm door when I brought it home and the dealer never mentioned it to me either. Good luck they should be in the boat somewhere.
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    Illuminated Kicker Speakers

    The answer is yes, the 2013 G series comes standard with illuminated Kicker speakers.
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    Illuminated Kicker Speakers

    i ordered a 2013 GCW, although i havent taken delivery yet i have seen the boat at the dealership. the Kicker speakers in the 2013 G series model are illuminated. meaning the inner part of the speaker puts off a blue LED light.
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    Outboard Vs Inboard

    Not sure about the Ohio river but I do all our boating on the Rock River and Mississippi River. You may have to be a bit more carefull on the river escpecially after heavy rains that may carry debri down the river. I have broken a few props over the years but nothing more serious than that.
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    New way to add fender tie-offs on Q 's

    Trying to get a better pick but I haven't figured it out yet... The dimensions are 1" wide x 1" tall x 3.75" long. Here's the link to the site I found them at. We'll see if anyone has seen them and if anyone has any opinions on how they would work with the playpen cover on. I don't have my...
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    New way to add fender tie-offs on Q 's

    Would these work for attaching to the top of the rails? I will be docking in a boat slip and will need to have the fenders attached while the playpen cover is on. These don't look like they would interfere with the playpen cover. Any thoughts?
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    New way to add fender tie-offs on Q 's

    I agree, keep us posted. One thing I haven't figured out yet was how I am going to hang my fenders. The pontoon will be in the water all summer in a boat slip and am looking for the ways to attach the fenders quickly and easily. Any opinions or advise on other products will be appreciated.
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    Wetsounds Upgrade!

    Are you sure you didn't miss any options...... I think you'll stand out in a crowd with that setup, sounds like a great setup can't wait to see pics. Is that stowaway ladder something your dealer has ordered? I have young kids and that was really nice on our Crownline having the front bow...
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    Extended Warranty

    Charles, I think the next step would be an email. I think they have run into some glitches that need fixed in their programming. Have some patience with them while they get this new system in place. Bennington will have all your info from when the dealer submits your paperwork so there is no...
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    Extended Warranty

    Try going to There will be a tab for boat profile and I believe personal profile. This site will also allow you access to this forum.