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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    Well the advise paid off. I did list in C---- list and * -Bay. After 2 weeks Benny has been sold and for the full amount. I'm not saying I'm through with boating or for that matter Bennington, it is still a GREAT BOAT. If the RVing becomes a hassle I may be back, but for now I'll say enjoy...
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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    Thanks for all the advise. The boat is listed on C---- List as well as E-B--. Only 2 Bennington listed. I've had over 1600 lookers and 17 on the watch list. The secret is to get the buyer that's close by and really interested. Yes the dealer is working with me, I've helped him out at Boat...
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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    So, You think Bennington's hold their value. It may be, but the dealer has had mine since the second week in April on concession  It's still there. I'm not asking anymore than book. The boat buying season for 2016 use is about gone. Talk about frustration. I had hoped to just RV this summer this...
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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    Thank you all for the kind thoughts. This is our second time getting into RVing.  We were trying to get the best of both worlds this time but to get back into a fifth wheel setup I'd have to sell the Explorer and buy a truck as well as a fifth wheel. That put us onto the motor home. The Benny...
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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    Thanks for all the kind thoughts and invites. When we retired n 07 we sold the house and moved into our 5th wheel. Now both homeless and out of work we headed south. Landed in SC bought a new home  four miles from a lake. We kept the 5th wheel for three more years but in the mean time bought...
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    Saying Good Bye For Now

    The call of the road has pulled us over. We've put the Benny up for sale and we're buying a Motor Home. The experience here on the forum has been great. We've met a lot of new friends on the chats. Experienced some great ideas but it's time to move on. Thanks to all that have brought some...
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    We've evolved a bit in 60 years

    Does that Johnson still run? It looks like a 1954. How many HP?
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    I remember my days in Mass. The temp in May was around 50 :angry: but you'd bite you lip start the engines and go for a ride. :o The season was at it's end October1st. Then I was working so you only got weekends, and if it rained , and it seemed like it always did, that really cut the season...
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    Well, it wasn't the 23d I had been shooting for but yesterday we launched Benny for the beginning of the 2016 season B) . It was beautiful on the lake :wub: . No other boaters, no jockeys, no jet boats, NOTHING :angry: . I love boating during the week. Temp was 73, water 62. No I didn't go...
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    Speed Contest

    Boat 2013  2075 GL. Motor, 2003 50hp Merc. Top Speed 19mph Prop.,Yes  
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    Maintaining Bimini Tops and Playpen/Mooring cover

    My Benny is now going into its 4th season. My problem is MOLD. The boot had mold on it last year and in the corners of the Bimini mold had developed. We washed both but the mold was still there. Last Mon. took them both out of my attic storage and found the mold had spread over the inside of the...
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    Better Days

    I'm shooting for the 23'd, next Wednesday Temp is going into the cellar this weekend but climb out to the mid 70's on Wed. Water proofed the playpen cover with 303 yesterday. Shrink wrap will be taken off Sat. Motor work ( filters spark plugs etc.) Sat& Sunday, Clean up Monday Gear back on Tues...
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    Kind of St---d to let a $25K+ boat go uncovered just because your lazy or maybe because it would take a little time to cover and protect it. The loss of boat value in a short time does not out weighs value kept by wanting to cover. The repairs, replacements and the overall  looks after getting...
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    Help what is the difference between a 21 slx premium and a 21slxp premium

    With all the up grades when looking at an "S" model why not buy a "G" Probably cost less for the same upgrades and get a better all round boat?
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    Peeked in on my sleeping Bennie today

    Went back to New England last weekend. The weather was good BUT COLD. Now I know why we mover to SC. When we got home Mon. the warmer air was a delight. Trimmed the Rose bushes yesterday 70 degrees+. Looked under the shrink wrap I had this thought of taking it off but I guess I'll wait for one...